About Me

Hi! I’m Ruth. I have been helping clients with their design and illustration needs for well over a decade. From this experience I know that you come to me with unique problems you want solved, and I structure my work in a way that suits you. 

I specialize in web based imagery and design. After studying illustration, I created patterns for fashion clients like Nordstrom, Gap and Target, painted murals internationally, built brands for up and coming companies, and worked making graphics for tv shows for Netflix and Quibi. With extensive web builds under my belt I started to study UX design to hone my craft, and now devote my time to the websites that need a little creative flare.

If you’re looking for more than a website, or a very complex build, let me know as I can find a great specialist for the job.

When I’m not designing websites, I am walking on beaches, nursing my urban jungle or drawing quirky characters and worlds.

My Mission

To help you reach new levels of success with your online confidence and create unique, beautiful and exciting experiences for your users.

I'm all about images

Are you ready to build a website that…

  • Easily conveys the warmth and personality of your company
  • Is memorable for your unique, distinctive content
  • Creates a whole new world for your brand by breaking barriers
  • Is a fun experience for your customers that they engage with and navigate with ease